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Be Like No One (2011) BetaMax Racing Edition. Photo by KQED.Shoebox 4CC GTi (2002) The original. This car is what the original concept was built around. Everything is similar to the First Generation SHOebox, including front-end styling. The car also featured a larger hood with a single scoop, blue wheels, red steering wheel, and a white stripe down the side. A special limited edition was released for the 2002 model year and it came with a free black leather dash, a keychain, and the original SHOebox. This car is featured in the NASCAR Racing video game 'Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit' The first generation SHOebox is unlike any modern car you've ever driven. It's a car built for two things: the straight-line and race tracks. The 2.0L straight-4 gives up 380 horsepower, plenty of torque, and 70 miles per hour. Not only that, it's a rear-wheel drive car that is affordable to the average car owner. The 2001 SHOebox GTi (pictured above) came with a dragstrip-tuned suspension, a unique new rear differential, and wider rear tires. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2009) BetaMax Racing Edition Sure, the current generation is more performance-oriented, but nothing's wrong with knowing your roots. The 2009 ShoeBox 4CC GTi BetaMax Racing Edition is the 2.5L and is powered by a M276 V6 engine with 390 horsepower. It's still rear-wheel drive and rear-drive technology, but it's been upgraded with a double-piston fixed valve camshaft, bigger turbos, and other components that make this an eye-catcher. This car is the perfect way to do the "old school" part, while also being modern and high-tech. Need for Speed: Underground (2009) SHOebox 4CC GTi There was something about the original SHOebox that made it popular. It was made to look tough. It had a custom hood, unique taillights, and it wasn't afraid to get dirty. This was a car built to go racing, but it was made to be a street car too. The SHOebox still looks great today. That's why I drove it to the Need for Speed Underground rally event and filmed it for the upcoming trailer.




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